Lead Rules and Regulations

Effective March 1, 2006, the Housing Authority of the City of Pawtucket (PHA) has adopted a new policy that will require a Certificate of Conformance with respect to the new Lead Hazard Mitigation Standards adopted by the State of Rhode Island. The PHA will only require the Certificate of Conformance for newly leased units. The certificate will not be required for existing units in which Section 8 tenants are residing.

A Certificate of Conformance can only be obtained by contacting a Licensed Lead Inspector to perform the required inspection on the property that you want to lease. You can obtain a list of licensed inspectors on the Rhode Island Housing Resources Commission website www.hrc.ri.gov or by calling 1-800-570-0768. Some units are exempt under the Lead Hazard Mitigation Law so if you are not familiar with the requirements under the Law, you will be able to access all information from the above website.