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About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Pawtucket Housing Authority is to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing and to establish programs that will educate, enhance, and empower the lives of all the people in the community we serve.

Our Theme

"To provide stable, quality affordable housing for low and moderate-income persons."

Our Adopted Slogan

"Public Housing is more than just a place to live, public housing programs should provide opportunities to residents and their families."
- Carolyn McCarthy, U.S. Member of Congress

Our Vision

The Pawtucket Housing Authority serves as a facilitator in promoting the health, safety, and progress of our families and the overall community.

Our Goals

  • Maintain and improve our supply of diverse, affordable, and accessible housing
  • Provide a stimulating working environment for employees
  • To increase our communication efforts with our residents and the Pawtucket community at large
  • Enhance and expand relationships with our community, state, and HUD partners
  • Continue to maintain our financially sound practices
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