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Landlord's Obligations

Owner/Landlord Obligations to the Family:


All rental property owners are subject to federal and local laws that prohibit discrimination in housing against persons due to their sex, age, ethnicity, race, color, familial status, because they have children or because of a disability.

Violations of Fair Housing and non-discrimination laws will result in denial or termination of participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program and could result in civil penalties.

It is in your best interest to utilize the same methods of screening and selection for all tenants and to keep complete documentation.  At your request, the PHA will furnish you with additional information pertaining to Fair Housing requirements.

Reasonable Modification of the Unit

Owners cannot discriminate against families with disabilities and should be aware of their obligations to make reasonable modifications to the unit for such families at the family’s expense, as required for all persons with disabilities under the Fair Housing Act for the private rental market. Notify the PHA if you have, or know of an owner who has units accessible to persons with disabilities.                                                                   

Owner Obligation to the PHA:

Program Integrity

Most owners who participate in the program comply with the program rules and the Housing Assistance Payments Contract, but occasionally some do not.  It is always unpleasant when an owner violates the rules and becomes subject to administrative or other more severe sanctions.  The PHA’s goal is to prevent any embarrassment or expense, which may result from owner violations by making sure that the program rules are understood. 

Owner Violations

  • Failing to maintain the unit
  • The owner is responsible for normal maintenance and upkeep of the unit.  Make sure that repairs, which are the responsibility of the owner, are made in a timely manner.
  • Accepting payments for a vacant unit
  • If a family moves in violation of the lease, the owner must notify the PHA immediately.
  • Demanding or accepting a higher rental payment from the tenant
  • The PHA determines the amount of rent to be paid by the family for rent.  The PHA must approve any additional payments or agreements.


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