Staff Directory

HCV Applicants:

Application Staff            Title Phone Number        E-mail Address
Katherin Giraldo Applications Manager   401-721-6016 
Leida Miranda
Housing Data Clerk

HCV Current Participants:

Our HCV Program Representatives are assigned their participants alphabetically by last name. If you need to speak to your assigned Program Representative, see list below:
Phone Number E-mail Address

Kimberly Gervais
HCV Program Representative

COC Coordinator

A - F 401-721-6023
Liz Giraldo
HCV Program Representative
G - O 401-721-6019

Annmarie McVay
Sr. Program Representative
P - Z 401-721-6018


Incoming Portable Participants:

HCV Staff Title Phone Number E-mail Address
Annmarie McVay Sr. Program Representative 401-721-6018

Justin Barros

HCV Program Manager 401-721-6023

FSS Staff:      
Lourdes Marrero             401-721-6052  
Jackie Torres 401-721-6048