Public Housing Program

The Housing Authority of the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island owns and manages six developments consisting of 1076 units throughout the City of Pawtucket. Two of the developments have been designated elderly-only, two are mixed elderly/disabled developments, and two are family developments.

The Housing Authority provides federally subsidized housing to 1982 persons whose household incomes range from very low, low, and moderate incomes. Tenant's affordable rent is based on 30% of their adjusted income. The Housing Authority also has a flat rent for each unit based on the local unsubsidized housing market.

For the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2016, the Pawtucket Housing Authority was designated as a high performer.  The following is our annual plan:


Pawtucket Housing Authority 5 year plan 2019-2024

Pawtucket Housing Authority Goals and Objectives 

PHA Five year Capital Fund Plan 2017-2021

PHA Five year Capital Fund Plan 2019-2023

PHA Five year Capital Fund Plan 2020-2024