Resident Services 

The objective of the Resident Services Department of the Housing Authority of the City of Pawtucket is to introduce and link residents with a range of programs and services which help provide stability, strengthen individual and family functioning and offer opportunities to increase and maximize individual potential. This department also strives to enhance the quality of life, to further independence, to improve upward mobility into the broader community, and to enrich the lives of all we serve. There are many programs and services offered to the Residents of the Housing Authority of the City of Pawtucket.

The Resident Services office works with local non-profits and human service providers to connect residents to the programs and services they need.  The department is staffed by a full time Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator, a full time Resident Services Coordinator and a full time Resident Services Manager.  

Our Family Self Sufficiency program serves Section 8 tenants, helping them to set goals, connect with education and training opportunities and plan for their future.  

Community Partners: