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Supportive Services at Home (SASH)

The Pawtucket Housing Authority is now offering the SASH Program to individuals living at Burns and Fogarty Manor. 
SASH® is a FREE program available for Seniors. It offers coordinated supportive services to help you live safely and healthfully at home. A SASH Wellness Nurse works side by side with the SASH Wellness Coordinator to assess your health and wellness needs and connect you with resources and programs to meet your goals. The SASH Coordinator creates a person-centered program by focusing on each individual and their unique needs.

The Benefits of Participating in SASH

• Improved quality of life
• Comprehensive health and wellness assessments
• Individualized "healthy living plans" tailored to each person's goals
• Access to health coaching and wellness nurse support
• Access to free prevention and wellness programs, exercise classes, social outings, group activities, and more
• Money savings through preventive health care
• Help as needed in returning home after hospitalization, navigating long-term care options, and managing a crisis
• Support in managing medications

For more information regarding the SASH® program please reach out to our SASH Program Coordinator, Rachel Thomas at 401-721-5063. 

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